Serbia, Britain “have opposing views on Kosovo”

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić met in London with British Minister for Europe David Lidington on Saturday.

Izvor: Tanjug

He said after the meeting that the two countries were still at “two distant poles” regarding the issue of Kosovo, but that he hoped Serbia's arguments would be respected.

Nikolić, who previously met with Lidington last November, said that the British minister noticed he had not changed his policy in the meantime.

"This is important to me, because I really have not changed my stance. Unfortunately, neither has he. On the issue of Kosovo, we are still at two distant poles," added Nikolić.

The president recalled that the Serbian Constitution was clear and that the president was first in line to defend the Constitution, which said that Kosovo was a part of Serbia.

Nikolić attended the Olympic Opening Ceremony on Friday night and stayed on to support Serbian athletes from the stands over the weekend.


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