"Kosovo special units" raid offices of Serbian bank

Kosovo Central Bank inspectors and Kosovo police special units ROSU raided the Dunav bank in Gračanica on Friday morning.

Source: KIM radio

Gračanica is a Serb enclave located south of the Ibar River.

KiM Radio has reported that the ROSU confiscated equipment and documents.

According to the radio, the central bank inspectors and ROSU members raided the bank’s offices around 9:40 CET on Friday.

Five or six police vehicles blocked the main street in Gračanica ahead of the operation while fully equipped ROSU members secured the location.

They requested a Kosovo license from the bank employees and after they were told that they did not have one, the ROSU members and central bank inspectors said they were going to confiscate all of the bank’s documents.

They took computer hard drives, papers and the cash register and informed the bank employees they would be back after a detailed inspection.

At the same time, the central bank inspectors and ROSU members raided the offices of the Dunav bank in Štrpce.


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