Parliament elects SNS official as new speaker

The Serbian parliament elected its new speaker during a session in Belgrade on Monday. He is Serb Progressive Party (SNS) official Nebojša Stefanović.

Source: Tanjug

142 MPs voted in favor, 48 against, while 15 abstained.

A total of 205 members of parliament today voted. The Serbian parliament has 250 seats.

Stefanović addressed MPs following the vote to say that in the next four years, parliament's efforts would be put in enabling the full oversight of the executive power in line with the Constitution and laws.

He underlined that his efforts would be aimed at strengthening the role of parliament and MPs, democracy and further opening of the highest law-making body to the public, with a view to securing a better standard of living for Serbia's citizens and more efficient parliament.

"I am aware of the responsibilities entailed in the post," Stefanović said.

Much of the session today passed in bickering and accusations that new MPs leveled against each other.

Speaking on Sunday Stefanović - who was the sole candidate for the position - said he was willing to cooperate with all parliamentary groups to improve the work of the parliament.

"I am very proud to be nominated for speaker and aware of the responsibility the nomination entails," Stefanović told Tanjug after a session of the SNS main committee which decided to propose him for the office.

"I intend to work with a serious team of people, not dividing them by party lines and including members of the opposition, on the serious and responsible task of making the parliament a true bastion of democracy, a serious controller of the government's work, above all its spending, and making it open to all," said Stefanović.

"I hope we will improve the reputation of the National Assembly over the next four years and that the people will fully trust the country's highest legislative institution," Stefanović said.

13 MP groups formed

The new Serbian parliament has 13 MP groups, acting Speaker Zaharije Trnavčević announced while presiding over the session on Monday.

Aleksandar Vučić will act as whip for the Serb Progressive Party (SNS) and Jorgovanka Tabaković as his deputy, while Dragoljub Mićunović will be the Democratic Party (DS) whip with Balša Božović as his deputy, it was announced at the session attended by 161 MPs.

Ivica Dačić will head the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) group, with Žarko Obradović as his deputy.

Slobodan Samardžić is the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) whip, Čedomir Jovanović will head MPs from the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), Mlađan Dinkić the United Regions of Serbia (URS) and Jovan Krkobabić the Party of United Pensioners of Serbia (PUPS).

Miodrag Mijatović will be in charge of the Social Democratic Party of Serbia (SDPS) group, while the New Serbia (NS) group will be headed by Velimir Ilić.

Dragan Marković will serve as whip for United Serbia (JS), Balint Pastor for the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (SVM), Aleksandar Jugović for the Serbian Renewal Movement-Christian Democratic Party of Serbia (SPO-DHSS), and Nenad Čanak for the League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina (LSV).


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