Discovery of "hand grenades" closes checkpoint in north

Administrative crossing Brnjak in northern Kosovo, on the Kosovska Mitrovica-Ribarić road was closed for around two hours on Thursday.

Source: Tanjug

The checkpoit located on the administrative line between Kosovo and central Serbia was shut down because two non-exploded hand grenades were discovered in the vicinity.

EULEX spokeswoman Irina Gudeljevic told Tanjug that the grenades were dismantled after which traffic at the crossing resumed.

Gudeljevic pointed out that Brnjak was closed due to safety reasons and that the transport of goods and passengers normalized around 17:30 CET.

Tanjug quoted "police sources" and reported that the hand grenades were discovered on the line between Lake Gazivode and concrete blocs protecting EULEX and KFOR staff positioned on the crossing itself.

The authorities do not know when and how the grenades were left at the spot.

Some twenty days ago, two bombs were dropped at the Brnjak crossing, one of which exploded. One KFOR soldier was injured in the incident and the blast caused minor material damage.


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