New govt. advised to tackle corruption "from top"

Transparency Serbia Program Director Nemanja Nenadić says Serbia's next government "must strike at corruption from the top".

Source: RTS, Tanjug

It should also "pass a concrete program and get the people involved in the decision making process", he stated.

"The new government needs to strike where the problem of corruption has been the biggest - in public procurement and public companies," Nenadić explained.

He pointed out that the people should be involved in making decisions through things like public debates, and added that the government needed to send a signal petty corruption was not acceptable.

"The signal is best sent through concrete examples - when someone reports corruption, they need to know the case will be investigated and a penalty will follow shortly," Nenadić added.

According to him, a role is also reserved for the government and parliament, which must seriously review and act on reports by regulatory bodies, commissioners, the Anti-Corruption Agency and auditors.

"In the government forming process, we need to carefully monitor the number of ministries and the scope of their authorities, and watch out for how concrete the program will be," said Nenadić.

He said that in the past, the biggest problem had been the fact government programs were not specific enough and it was hard to assess a government's effectiveness.


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