German ambassador “optimistic about Serbia’s EU integration"

Serbia has come closer to the EU but the work is not done yet, German Ambassador to Serbia Wolfram Maas said at his farewell reception on Friday.

Source: Tanjug

He added that he was optimistic about Belgrade's future progress in EU integration.

The reception was attended by high-ranking officials of the diplomatic corps.

Maas stated that he had come to Belgrade with the clear mission to bring Serbia closer to the EU.

“There has been a lot of progress there,” he continued, adding that the ties between Serbia and Germany were fantastic and very strong.

The outgoing ambassador stressed that he had succeeded in bringing Serbia closer to the EU but that the work was not done yet, adding that ambassadors should be the eyes and ears of their governments, but also their voice.

Maas said Germany and Serbia cooperated well during his mandate, adding that German investments went up by 50 percent in 2011, and that the economic cooperation had constantly been on the rise in previous years.

Serbia's Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić said Maas was one of the most skilled diplomats and successful in bringing Serbia closer to the EU.

"We have not always agreed, but the German ambassador expressed his regret because of it in an honest way," Jeremić noted, adding that Serbia had never been closer to the EU and the world thanks to Maas' diplomatic efforts.

PM-designate Ivica Dačić, Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) acting leader Aleksandar Vučić, Belgrade team chief Borislav Stefanović, U.S. Ambassador Mary Warlick, Russian Ambassador Alexander Konuzin, wife of assassinated Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Đinđić Ružica and many other guests attended the reception.


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