“Media freedom priority for Progressives”

Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) acting leader Aleksandar Vučić says that freedom of media in Serbia is one of the key priorities the party will insist on.

Source: Politika

He already announced that he would repeal the restrictive Law on Public Information.

“It is important to us that there is a freedom of press. This is one of our five key priorities that we will not give up on,” Vučić said but did not want to say an exact date when the law on the media would be changed.

“They (priorities) include getting a date for the beginning of the negotiations with the EU, combat against corruption, solving budget problems in both revenues and expenditures, implementation of principles of the rule of law, guarantee of the ethnic minorities’ rights and freedom of press in Serbia and progress in the agriculture,” he explained.

Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia (NUNS) Deputy President Jelka Jovanović told daily Politika that the Public Information Law should be changed, as envisaged by the media strategy.

“It should happen in the next several months. Of course, associations have objections to the existing law and NUNS has proposals what should be regulated and how,” she explained.

She added, however, that it is “frivolous to make statements such as revoking of the law because the media regulations need to exist”.

Association of Serbian Journalists (UNS) Deputy President Petar Jeremić says Vučić’s statement is encouraging and expects parliament to repeal the disputable law.


SNS Main Board to discuss govt. on Sunday

The Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) Main Board will hold a session on Sunday and decide on conditions for Progressives’ involvement in the government.

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