“Kosovo's supervised independence will be over soon”

The International Steering Group wants to end its supervision of Kosovo as soon as possible, Ministry for Kosovo State Secretary Oliver Ivanović has said.

Source: Politika

He stressed that it was obvious that “it is impossible to reach some order in legal and political sense”.

According to Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, the International Steering Group will decide to end the supervised independence of Kosovo at a meeting on July 2.

Thaci claims that a concrete European agenda for Kosovo will be opened then.

According to earlier assessments, the supervised independence was supposed to end by the end of the year, in September at the earliest.

The International Steering Group believed that the implementation of the Ahtisaari plan would be completed by then and that the Kosovo institutions would be able to work independently.

Kosovo Deputy PM Slobodan Petrović told daily Politika that the decision to end the supervised independence would indeed be made at the meeting in Vienna in early July.

“It is completely clear that the decision was not made a month ago but that we have been working on it for four years. The activities in parliament regarding the implementation of the laws are leading toward it,” he told the daily.

Ivanović also confirmed that the information of the Kosovo authorities was true.

“They (the International Steering Group) are running from Kosovo before a total collapse and there is not much they can do anymore. Also, their political importance is not so big and they want to get away before anything goes wrong and they end up being responsible,” the state secretary was quoted as saying.


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