Konuzin says he offered "no suggestions on new govt."

Russian Ambassador in Belgrade Aleksandr Konuzin has denied that he interfered in the process of putting together Serbia's new government.

Source: Tanjug

That, the diplomat said on Friday, was "unlike some other ambassadors".

"I did not give suggestions for the formation of a new Serbian government," Konuzin said, and stressed that "it should reflect the mood of the voters".

"I know that some of my colleagues gave suggestions as to how and when Serbia could form a government," he said.

"I had no suggestions to give for one simple reason - because Russia will always treat with respect the decisions taken by those elected by the Serbian people," Konuzin told Tanjug.

According to him, elections reflected the mood of voters in Serbia, and the task of political forces in the country, including MPs, is to reflect that mood and form a government in accordance with the constitution and laws.

"I understand that Serbia has so far failed to form a parliamentary majority due to the discrepancies that exist between political parties elected to the National Assembly," the Russian ambassador said.

He added that this was an internal problem of Serbia.

Russia will, Konuzin said, regardless of what government will be formed, continue to consistently develop relations with Serbia.

Asked whether, as claimed by some media, leader of the Socialists (SPS) Ivica Dačić suggested during a recent visit to Russia that a government be formed with the progressives, Konuzin said that Dačić was in Russia for consultations on security issues.

According to Konuzin, Dačić, as Serbia's interior minister, had appropriate contacts in Russia.


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