"Citizens to be informed about deals with Priština"

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić has said that Serbian citizens will in a few days learn exactly what the state agreed with Priština.

Izvor: B92

According to him, everybody in the Council for National Security agree on what should be done in Kosovo, regardless of various speculations as to why the latest incidents happened.

Northern Kosovo Serbs on Friday clashed with KFOR troops who removed barricades in the villages of Rudare and Dudin Krš.

Nikolić says he is ready to meet and talk with the Zvečan mayor but that it will depend on institutions in Serbia.

“We agreed right away to find out what it is that Serbia agreed with the Priština institutions and what the Priština institutions are entitled to according to the agreement, what they think they are entitled to, so you will in a few days have a very clear position of the Council for National Security for the first time since it was formed and the Serbian citizens, especially those who live in Kosovo and Metohija will know what awaits them and behind what decisions their state is behind,“ the president pointed out.


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