President Nikolić reacts to violence in Kosovo

President Tomislav Nikolić said late on Friday that it was "important to end clashes in Kosovo and Metohija and calm down the people living there".

Source: Beta, Tanjug

The Council for National Security met on Friday in an urgent session to discuss the situation in the province in the wake of violence which erupted when KFOR troops moved in to remove barricades in northern, Serb areas.

Nikolić said that “everybody received tasks to deal with within their respective jurisdiction":

“Everyone is talking with services they are cooperating with in this field, the Army with KFOR, and our government should have serious talks about this with EULEX and the UNMIK administration."

He further told state broadcaster Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) that "continuation of talks with Priština was the only way to finally see what has been agreed on (previously) and what the interim institutions in Priština have been doing beyond the scope of the agreements".

“Since we had the announcements about a massive removal of (Serbian license) plates from cars owned by citizens in the north of Kosovo today... we cannot sit still, nor can we be silent while witnessing what is taking place in Kosovo and Metohija,” Nikolić said.

The Serbian president said that all council members attended today's meeting and "all had a desire to tackle the task seriously".


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