Cohabitation may be successful, minister says

Labor Minister Rasim Ljajić has assessed that it is unjustified to say that cohabitation between Tomislav Nikolić and Boris Tadić would be unsuccessful.

Source: Beta

He told weekly Novi magazine that cohabitation between former Prime Minister Zoran Đinđić and President Vojislav Koštunica and Koštunica and Tadić were characterized by political conflicts that did not allow reforms to be implemented faster.

“It is unjustified to conclude in advance that this Nikolić-Tadić cohabitation would be unsuccessful too, but the fact that the biggest party in parliament also has a president forces us to face the reality and to adjust,” he explained.

According to him, it would be good for Serbia if the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) took over the entire government if only there was not for the election results in municipalities and towns.

“It would be too big of a risk primarily for the Democratic Party (DS) to leave the government to the SNS. It is risky to be in office for a longer period of time in the Balkans, it is even a matter of survival. In case the DS handed over the mandate for the forming of the government to the SNS, the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) would be in the ruling coalition and it would have every right to request that the same coalition be in municipalities and towns. That would mean that the DS would be excluded from all levels of authority,” Ljajić explained.


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