EU “will ask Serbia to recognize Kosovo”

Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) leader Vojislav Koštunica says the EU will request from Serbia to give up on Kosovo in order to start the EU accession talks.

Izvor: Beta

He expressed belief that newly elected Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić would inform citizens about it once he got the official request from Brussels.

“The Serbian public should know that the EU will soon start with the most brutal pressure and blackmails, requesting from Serbia to completely give up on Kosovo in order to start the EU accession talks. Such messages are already being brought by diplomats from the EU states,” Koštunica told Beta news agency.

He pointed out that it was very important that an opposition representative was elected as the new president because he “is convinced that Nikolić will inform citizens about the things the EU requested from Serbia when Brussels informs him about its plans”.

“Nobody will be able to deceive the Serbian citizens anymore when it comes to the EU’s policy toward Kosovo. Time has come for the truth and it is up to President Tomislav Nikolić to tell it to the Serbian people once the EU has informed him about the conditions for the beginning of the EU accession talks,” the DSS leader explained.

Koštunica added that he “immediately rejected the idea and informed the Serbian citizens about it when he as the PM first heard from the Western diplomats that their goal was Kosovo’s independence”.

Nikolić has announced that he would visit Brussels first thing after the inauguration.


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