Progressives hold protests across Serbia

The Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) organized a protest ride over the alleged election fraud in the central Serbian town of Kruševac on Sunday.

Izvor: Beta

They also organized a protest in the western Serbian town of Šabac.

The SNS supporters drove past the Town Electoral Commission (GIK) office in Kruševac.

SNS Presidency member Bratislav Gašić said that the party had requested from GIK to see and inspect the election material.

He announced that a new protest walk would be held on Monday at 18:00 CET if GIK did not respond to their request by then.

GIK President Časlav Anđelković told Beta news agency that the Commission would discuss the request at a session on Monday.

As an example of irregularity, Gašić said that 417 people voted at a polling station where only 393 eligible voters were listed on the voters list.

The SNS supporters also held a protest in Šabac. According to them, irregularities were observed at 95 out of 100 polling stations in the town.


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