Tadić: We're close to goal, irregularities were "local"

Boris Tadić said on Friday that it would be "very dangerous and irresponsible if talk of election irregularities were to be used to destabilize the country".

Source: Beta, Tanjug

The DS leader and the party's presidential candidate, who will seek his third term in office on May 20, told reporters in the town of Kragujevac that it was "imperative for the situation after the second round of the presidential election to be clear ", and for the citizens to know that "officials were elected in an unambiguous way".

"The incident which occurred in Zaječar is of local character and it should be examined and investigated, and competent institutions should tell citizens what occurred," Tadić noted.

Nobody has the right to make any accusations until competent institutions revise the problem in the municipality, he added.

"Competent institutions are examining every irregularity, but OSCE, Republic Electoral Commission and NGOs supervising the course of elections have already established that there are slight irregularities which can be put right by the usual legal means," he said.

The DS presidential candidate also commented on a statement made by his rival, SNS leader Tomislav Nikolić, that he expected massive protests in the wake of what he said was election fraud.

"Anyone who organizes demonstrations takes the responsibility for the security and safety of people," said Tadić, and added that they "came from the structures of the 1990s":

"We have managed to get close to our goal, to do a lot in order to open Serbia up towards the world, and we have done a lot for Serbia's good, while the structures who threaten with demonstrations come from the 1990s."

On Thursday, SNS party leaders showed reporters what they said was a sack filled with 3,000 original ballots that the citizens used to vote for opposition candidates. The ruling DS, however, replaced these ballots with forgeries and threw the originals into garbage dumpsters, where they were recovered, said Tomislav Nikolić.

On Friday, the Progressives filed criminal charges against unknown perpetrators, accusing them of rigging the May 6 elections.

Meanwhile, high ranking DS official Oliver Dulić said that he "supposed the ballots came from the town of Zaječar and that a member of the SNS took them".

The SNS denied this, saying the controversial ballots were found in a town in Vojvodina, at the same time asking Dulić to reveal "how many sacks of ballot papers have gone missing, exactly".


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