SNS party files charges for election fraud

The Serb Progressives filed charges against unidentified persons for election theft, SNS leader and presidential candidate Tomislav Nikolić said on Friday.

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He told reporters that competent state bodies, the prosecution or police, had not contacted the SNS regarding the election fraud claims. The SNS on Thursday said a sack with ballots was found in a dumpster.

Nikolić said that the SNS would present evidence of the election theft after the competent institutions have asked for the evidence.

“It is up to them to decide whether we had the elections of a farce organized by (Democratic Party leader) Boris Tadić,” he told reporters.

The SNS leader added that the Republic Electoral Commission (RIK) could not say that the SNS had not filed a complaint in time because the ballots had not been found immediately after the elections either.

The SNS has contacted the U.S. and Russian Embassies, OSCE and the EU Delegation in Belgrade, Nikolić said and added that he would discuss the issue with U.S. Ambassador to Belgrade Mary Warlick on Monday.

He pointed out that he was now convinced that he had never lost to Tadić in the second round of the presidential elections.

“I have a TV duel with him on Wednesday, I want to see what he has to say when I tell him to his face that he is a thief,” Nikolić stressed.

When asked whether he would give up on the second round of the presidential election due to the alleged election fraud, he said that he would not.

“We will see what happens with the elections, maybe people will decide to annull the elections,” the SNS leader concluded.

High ranking DS official Oliver Dulić posted a message on twitter on Friday claiming it has been determined where the bag with ballots came from.

“Their (SNS) member stole it in Zaječar in front of the cameras and brought it to Belgrade… So much for this,” he wrote in a message to League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina (LSV) leader Nenad Čanak whose Twitter username is XXLTulip.

A video about the election theft in Zaječar appeared on YouTube a day after the elections. The video shows a man entering a polling station after it had been closed, and accusing an electoral board member of stealing votes and not handling the ballots properly.

However, the Progressives said on Friday afternoon that the ballot papers they showed on Thursday came from "a town in Vojvodina, hundreds of kilometers from Zaječar", and also urged the Democrats to reveal "how many sacks with ballot papers have actually gone missing".


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