Bosniaks urged to “boycott presidential elections”

Bosniak National Council (BNV) President Esad Džudžević has called on Bosniaks not to vote in the presidential elections on May 6.

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“None of the 12 candidates had courage to come out with a stand on the NBV’s resolution and the elections should therefore be boycotted,” he told a press conference in Novi Pazar on Saturday.

Džudžević explained that the Council had supported Democratic Party (DS) leader Boris Tadić in 2000 but that it would no do so this time since “Tadić had no courage to react to violence against Bosniaks”.

Commenting on Islamic Community in Serbia Chief Mufti Muamer Zukorlić’s bid, he said that he expected the mufti to withdraw his presidential bid before the elections.

Džudžević requested from all presidential candidates on April 23 to present their stand on the BNV’s Resolution on Position and Rights and Freedoms of Bosniaks in Serbia.

The BNV claims in the Resolution that Bosniaks in Sandžak are deprived of the official use of the Bosniak language and alphabet, opportunity to educate themselves in their language and that they do not have an opportunity to preserve and improve the Bosniak cultural heritage.

The Resolution also reads that the Bosniaks in Serbia are not equally employed and represented in state bodies.

The Resolution calls for prosecution of perpetrators of serious crimes against Bosniaks in 1999.

Parliamentary, provincial, local and presidential elections will be held in Serbia on May 6.


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