70 percent of Serbians oppose NATO membership

As many as 70 percent of Serbians are opposed to the country's possible future NATO membership, a B92/Ipsos Straregic Marketing opinion polls has shown.

Izvor: B92

As the survey was presented, this result was described as "expected" but "not to the percentage that opponents hope for in a referendum" - since it can often be heard from the SNS and the DSS that 90 percent of voters would say "no".

15.4 percent of the respondents in the new poll said that they would not turn out to vote, while 10.8 percent said they would vote in favor of such a proposal. 3.5 percent said they "did not know" the answer to that question.

At the same time, less than five percent of Serbians trust the western military alliance - halving the number of those who support Serbia's membership in the organization.

As for the political affiliation of the responds, 30 percent of those who vote for the Liberal Democrats (LDP) would also vote to make Serbia a NATO member. 17 percent of the Democratic Party (DS) voters are of the same disposition, as well as five percent of those who support the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS). At the same time, this is true of only three percent of the Serb Progressive Party (SNS) voters.

As for the opposition to Serbia's future alliance with NATO, it is most universal among the voters of the Serb Radicals (SRS) and the Democratic Party of Serbia - reaching 98 and 95 percent, respectively.

The results of the poll pertaining to EU integrations were presented on Wednesday, showing that 49 percent of Serbians supported the country's future membership.

The poll was conducted in the second half of March and included 1,003 respondents.


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