Minister: Opening of secret files won’t bring solutions

Opening of secret files is a sensitive issue and we should put an end to the past but I don’t think that it will bring any solutions, the defense minister says.

Source: B92

Dragan Šutanovac told B92 that he “has no personal motive to dig through the files“ and that he is not interested in them or fascinated by them.

“I have never seen or asked for any file from the Military Security Agency (VBA). It's not in my job description,“ Šutanovac said.

The defense minister noted that opening of the secret files was a sensitive issue and repeated that the Democratic Party (DS) advocated the opening of the files back in 2000.

“Do not ask me why this has not happened,” he said and added that the military services “have no problem opening their archives”.

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) candidate for defense minister Nataša Mićić has said that her party has always advocated the opening of the secret files together with parties such as the Serbian Renewal Movement (SPO).

“Even before the EU set it as a condition we were openly advocating the opening of the files. It is necessary to resolve it for our own sake. The Law on Lustration was adopted in 2003 and a condition for its implementation is to open the files. The law is still in effect but not a single parliament speaker has proposed members of the commission, so we have the law which is in effect but there is no political will,” she pointed out.


Bill on eGovernment adopted

The government on Thursday adopted an eGovernment bill that should enable simpler, more transparent and more efficient operation of electronic public services.

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