"EU is stealing our territory, and our jobs"

Opposition Serb Radical Party (SRS) deputy leader Zoran Krasić told a rally in the town of Šabac that Serbia "does not need the European Union".

Source: Tanjug

He described his party as the only one fighting against the country's EU integrations.

"We do not need the EU, which is stealing Kosovo from us, while their companies are stealing jobs from our people. We are financing their companies which create few jobs, while our companies are in ruins," Krasić said.

He added that "stories about the good life in the EU are a myth" and that Serbia should be led by people "who have been consistent".

Aleksandar Martinović, another SRS vice-president, noted that politicians in Serbia needed to start acting responsibly and bear political responsibility.

"The government is now acting like they were the opposition and are offering programs in the campaign that they could have carried out over the last 12 years," noted Martinović.


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