“I won’t let anyone sacrifice Kosovo”

Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) leader Ivica Dačić says that he will not let anyone sacrifice Kosovo or the Republic of Srpska (RS) for the sake of the EU.

Source: Tanjug

He stressed that he would not lie to the people and say like Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) leader Tomislav Nikolić that he would bring EUR 100bn to Serbia.

“Why don’t they say whether they will sacrifice Kosovo or the RS in exchange for the EU? They won’t if I’m the president,” he pointed out.

Dačić called on citizens to support him in the presidential elections “because for him there is only Serbia and social justice”, adding that he would always fight for them.

He said he would only promise one thing to the voters – that Serbia would always come first and that he would renew the trust in Serbia and protect its national and state interests.

“There won’t be any new jobs without a proud Serbia that firmly stands on its own feet. I will never change my policy for the sake of elections. I was the first to submit my presidential candidacy and I did it to show (Democratic Party leader Boris) Tadić and Nikolić that the number one is not reserved for them,” the SPS leader explained.

According to him, the SPS- Party of United Pensioners of Serbia (PUPS)-United Serbia (JS) coalition was advocating an economically well-developed Serbia.

He added that some had complained about him “arresting some Albanians” at the administrative crossings.

“I will continue to arrest them, as long as they keep threatening Serbia’s constitutional order. They called me from the EU to release them immediately and I told them ‘when you release the Serbs in Kosovo’. That’s the way to defend Serbia, not by constant concessions and going down on our knees,” Dačić stated.

He said that he wanted to understand his own people and that he therefore had no advisers from the U.S., Israel and other countries.

“I don’t want to tell fairytales and lies to my people. I advocate that Serbia is above and before everything and that we go to the EU only if it is in Serbia’s interests, if it is not, we won’t,” he said and added that his coalition needed to be on the side of ordinary citizens.


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