“Political stalemate possible after elections”

Social Democratic Party of Serbia (SDPS) leader Radim Ljajić has ruled out a possibility that the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) will form a ruling majority.

Source: Tanjug

However, he added that it was possible that the Democratic Party (DS) would not be able to form the majority after elections either.

“The DS will either form a coalition with similar parties or we could end up with a political blockade,” Ljajić, whose party will take part in the upcoming elections with the DS-led coalition, said on Saturday.

He told Tanjug that the SNS had a small coalition potential and that it could hardly count on the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) and the Serb Radical Party (SRS) as its coalition partners. The SDPS leader added that it was hard to believe that some of the current ruling parties would join them.

When asked whether it would be possible for the SNS and the DS to form a coalition if all other possibilities failed, Ljajić said that it would certainly not be a good idea to repeat the elections.

“Of course my party and I cannot dominantly decide what kind of coalition will be formed and it will primarily be up to the DS, the central party of our list. I am not ruling our the possibility of a stalemate but judging by the statements of top DS and SNS officials that such coalition is impossible, I think that the possibility of this happening is purely theoretical,” he explained.

Ljajić noted that he had not discussed distribution of positions in the future government, adding that despite certain media speculations he did not think it was possible that he could become a prime minister.

“The prime minister’s position should go to the most powerful party from the winning political bloc and every other idea is bad for the government’s political stability,” he pointed out.

Ljajić concluded that the government needed to be formed soon after the elections and that it should be small due to difficult economic situation in the country.


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