Kosovo court releases five arrested Serbs

Five Serbs, who were arrested by Kosovo police special units (ROSU) on February 25 in Gnjilane were released on Saturday, Ministry for Kosovo has stated.

Source: Beta

The source from the ministry could not give any more details but added that all five men were on their way home.

The Kosovo police arrested four Serbian Interior Ministry (MUP) officers and a retired registrar on suspicion that they threatened Kosovo’s legal order.

Zlatko Denić, Goran Matropazović, Nikola Trajković and Dragan Stojković, who issued passports and driver’s licenses in the Gnjilane Police Administration which was relocated to the southern Serbian city of Vranje in 1999, were arrested at the time along with retired registrar Mladen Dimitrijević.

After the arrest they were remanded in custody for 30 days which was later extended for another two months.

The investigation against them is still underway.


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