Serbs boycott administrative crossing in north

Serbs from the Ibarski Kolašin in northern Kosovo will boycott the Brnjak administrative crossing where Kosovo customs and border police officers are present.

Source: Beta

The Serbs will boycott the Brnjak administrative crossing until those “who are making a border with central Serbia” leave.

The Brnjak administrative crossing became open for both commercial and noncommercial traffic a few days ago. EULEX customs representative said that five to six trucks with Novi Pazar license plates, that usually carried no goods, went through every day.

Passenger vehicles are barely using the Brnjak administrative crossing because, as Zubin Potok Mayor Slaviša Ristić said, the Ibarski Kolašin residents have decided to boycott it because of the Albanian customs and police officers who are present at the checkpoint.

Ristić stressed that the Serbs would not use the crossing until their requests were fulfilled.

He said that he did not expect that alternative roads in Ibarski Kolašin would be closed.

“You cannot block every road and lock the people in a cage,” Ristić stressed.


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