"Reciprocal" arrest of two ethnic Albanians

Interior Minister Ivica Dačić on Wednesday announced "reciprocal measures" in the wake of the arrest of four Serbs, detained by the Kosovo Albanian authorities.

Source: Tanjug

These measures, he clarified, include today's arrest of two ethnic Albanians on the Končulj crossing, located on the administrative line between Kosovo and central Serbia.

As for yesterday's arrest of the four Serbs - whom the authorities in Priština accuse of "undermining Kosovo" because they carried with them election material and voter lists for the upcoming elections - Dačić described the incident as "a classic example of insolence and pressure on Serbs in Kosovo".

Those arrested include the president of the Vitina municipality.

The two ethnic Albanians arrested at Končulj, meanwhile, have bee identified as Hasan Abazi and Adem Useli. They were detained on charges of espionage and drug trafficking.

Abazi had an arrest warrant issued against him by a Gnjilane court, while Useli is wanted by the police directorate of the city of Belgrade.

"The reciprocal measures," Dačić continued, "are not in Serbia's interests and the Serbian police does not wish to do this." But he added that "this type of situation (arrests of Serbs) can obviously no longer happen without reciprocal measures".

"If somebody wishes to compete in arrests, we have our answer. It's shameful that the international community is turning a blind eye on this, it's shameful that people who have committed no crime are being arrested, and it begs the question of the manner in which (Kosovo dialogue) agreements are being implemented," said the minister.

"What kind of 'freedom of movement' agreement is this if Serbs can be arrested every day," Dačić wondered.

"I know that (Hashim) Thaci feels bad about accepting this agreement, but this type of behavior has crossed all lines. These are open provocations and I can no longer prevent the police from blocking Končulj," Dačić was quoted as saying.

"It will be seen in the coming days what is looks like when reciprocal measures are being introduced," the minister concluded.


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