Serbia, Azerbaijan “agree on Kosovo, Nagorno Karabakh”

The international law and territorial integrity must be respected in cases of Nagorno Karabakh and Kosovo, Azerbaijan's Ambassador Eldar Hassanov says.

Izvor: Tanjug

He expressed hope that justice would ultimately prevail.

Regarding the Kosovo policy of the Serbian leadership, Hassanov said that despite all the pressures and difficulties, they were implementing proper policies - whose success was testified by obtaining candidacy for the EU.

“We have the same situation, it is not so easy to bear all those pressures. It is easy to speak, but to harmonize the international pressures and the norms and principles of international law within the framework of national interests and to find a consensus for all those issues - that is not so easy,” the Azerbaijan’s ambassador told Tanjug.

“Serbia's candidate status for he EU represents a new page of peace, cooperation, harmony and constitutes an important political success,” he said.

When it comes to Nagorno Karabakh, which is de jure part of Azerbaijan, but de facto since the nineties under the rule of neighboring Armenia, and still is a topic of discussion of international institutions, Hassanov noted that Baku wanted to amicably resolve the Karabakh issue.

He, however, pointed out that to his regret, all attempts of solving this problem have so far failed to produce any positive results.


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