Tadić: Citizens have right to their own identity

Serbian President Boris Tadić has said that everybody has a right to their own identity in Serbia.

Source: Tanjug

During a meeting with Novi Pazar high school students on Friday, the president said that he no problem with people of other ethnicities but that he “has a problem if someone cannot go to another town beacuse of their name“.

The high schools students from Novi Pazar were brought to Belgrade by Urban In NGO Director Aida Ćotović, who pointed out that in some parts of Serbia there was a lack of understanding when it came to Sandžak, that some people were putting a distance between themselves and Bosniaks and that some Bosniaks were afraid of coming to Belgrade and saying their name out loud.

Tadić asked the students how they liked Belgrade and added:

“Belgrade is a wonderful city, a city of opportunities, the Balkans’ New York. It has a different energy. It is the best product of Serbia and the Balkans, though it had a tragic fate. You should use it for yourself. This is your city but it is important to know that it is your obligation to leave your mark in Novi Pazar as well”.

The president said that the state was ready to help the youth and support them but that young people needed to work hard themselves.


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