"SNS stands with Serbs in Kosovo"

Serbian Progressive Party leader Tomislav Nikolić has asked President Boris Tadić to explain to the citizens what made him change his stance on the barricades.

Source: Beta

“He used to encourage them and the government members helped set the barricades up. He now changed his position and needs to explain to the citizens what caused such a decision. Has some positive agreement been reached and will he take the responsibility if the Albanians complete their state and take over northern Kosovo,” the SNS leader told reporters.

“Everything is up to Boris Tadić now and the SNS still stands with the Serbs in Kosovo,” Nikolić said and added that the SNS would support northern Kosovo Serbs’ decision.

“It seems to me that the Serbian president has accepted a policy of some other opposition parties which means an absolute handover of Kosovo into the Albanians’ hands,” he stressed.

The SNS leader said that the Kosovo Serbs were carrying a decision on Serbia’s fate on their shoulders and that only those who shared their destiny could give them advice and that this was the reason why he could not tell them “to lose their lives or to live there, or to run away and leave everything”.

When asked whether Tadić’s call to remove the barricades had something to do with a decision on Serbia’s EU candidate status, he said that he did not know because nobody informed the SNS about it.

“I don’t know how high of a price Tadić is ready to pay in order to survive that date (December 9). I think that he is convinced that the barricades are means of defense of Serbia and Kosovo and Metohija but every person in politics has their goals,” Nikolić pointed out and added that “if someone is pressuring Tadić, they should call the elections and the SNS would get that pressure off him”.

He repeated that if there was the “Kosovo or the EU dilemma” and Serbia had to choose between having Kosovo inside Serbia and renouncing the southern province for the sake of the EU membership, the SNS would not be in favor of such EU accession.

“As far as I am concerned, Serbia should survive and all other goals can go by the board,” the SNS leader pointed out.

He added that Serbia did not have any other option and that it would hardly survive without the EU membership.


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