Dačić calls on KFOR to "refrain from action"

Deputy PM Interior Minister Ivica Dačić called on the international troops in Kosovo on Wednesday to refrain from any action that threatened security.

Source: Beta, Tanjug

He also appealed to the Serbs at the roadblocks not to cause incidents.

The current events at the barricades are nothing compared to what could happen, he noted.

"I think the situation in Kosovo is fairly complicated and difficult and I do not understand anyone who is not aware of its gravity," Dačić told reporters in Belgrade.

On the one hand some problems in Kosovo are caused by chains of events where one action calls for another and on the other there is pressure on Serbia at a moment when the decision on whether it should be granted EU candidate status is just around the corner, Dačić stated.

"It is likely someone in the EU thinks that now is an ideal opportunity to pressure Serbia, as it awaits the candidate status," Dačić remarked, adding he found it hard to believe that KFOR had a problem with the roadblocks at that particular time.

It is obviously a coordinated action in order to make Serbia's position more difficult, he pointed out.

In condemning the recent incidents, the minister continued, we must start from the beginning, and that means that the unilateral moves were caused by Kosovo Albanian PM Hashim Thaci, to which Serbs reacted, followed by KFOR, "and now Serbs are in a bad situation, because they're clashing with international forces".

"I am absolutely in favor of conducting the dialogue, and for Priština and KFOR to refrain from unilateral moves in that time. Anyhow the international forces in northern Kosovo should not feel they are ina hostile environment."

"On the other hand, we must care about Serbs in Kosovo, in order to preserve their rights and our national insterest. It would be good to make coordinated moves to keep the situation under control, because otherwise it will only get harder. We should all stop for a moment, and consider how to proceed," concluded Dačić.


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