N. Kosovo Serbs continue to keep watch

The barricade set by Serbs at the administrative line in front of the Brnjak crossing on Saturday is now over two meters high.

Source: Tanjug

KFOR continues to supply its troops by air drops.

The citizens continued keeping constant watch, whereas French KFOR members, who have an observation post on a nearby hill, are present on the other side of the barricade on the Ribarići-Zubin Potok main road.

The vehicles going towards the village of Ribarići use the macadam alternative road above the Brnjak crossing, at which members of the German KFOR perform routine control.

The situation is also peaceful at the barricades in the villages of Zupče and Jagnjenica, where Serbs keep watch in shifts.


Russian foreign ministry defends ambassador

The Russian Foreign Ministry has stated that Ambassador Aleksandr Konuzin's presence at a Serb Progressive Party (SNS) rally was common diplomatic practice.

Politics Monday, October 31, 2011 17:23 Comments: 17
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