President "aware of dissatisfaction among citizens"

Serbian President Boris Tadić says he is aware that citizens are dissatisfied but he believes that calls not to vote in the elections will not solve anything.

Source: Beta, Tanjug

Commenting on calls to the citizens not to vote for any party, the president said that there was dissatisfaction all over the world, including the most powerful countries, due to the global economic crisis which started in 2008.

“Where in the world are people satisfied today? Are they satisfied in the wealthiest societies in the world,” Tadić asked.

“Blank votes lead to new bitterness and bitterness has never put bread on anyone’s table, paid electricity bill or brought a better salary,” he explained and added that dissatisfaction was growing in both EU and the U.S.

The Serbian president said he was aware that citizens were dissatisfied but that he as a politician was prepared to analyze all proposals to solve the economic crisis and proposed policies to overcome the crisis.

When asked to comment on certain calls to the citizens not to vote in the elections, Tadić said that “it would be a sort of protest that would not lead anywhere”.

“I can tell those citizens who call on others not to go to the elections that bitterness does not lead anywhere,” the president stressed.

“If I weren’t the president of the republic, maybe I would be dissatisfied and embittered too,” he noted and repeated that such actions would not solve anything. He added that he was well aware of the problems precisely because he could see the situation from his position.

“My situation is different because from this perspective I can see things better and the severity of the problem,” the Serbian president pointed out and added that “even his closest relatives are not satisfied”.

Tadić stressed that Serbia was facing big problems in the economy and administration as well as those with corruption and failed institutions.

“Politicians need to come out before the citizens and ask for support for the measures they intend to take, but they also need to take responsibility,” he underscored.

The president also warned that there “is no certain path to progress” and announced that the ruling coalition would present measures to overcome the crisis in the next five or six months.


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