Right wing movement to take part in elections

Beside the well known parties, the ultra-right wing movement Dveri will also take part in the next election.

Source: B92

The movement is known for its pronounced national ideology, as well as their opposition to a resolution condemning the crimes in Srebrenica, organization of the Family Walk, and interruption of a forum of the radio show Peščanik.

The movement's leaders now say Serbia's most serious problem is the citizens dissatisfaction with the bad economy, and will take part in the elections, expected next year, under the slogan, "Finally there's someone I can vote for".

"We do not have a firm national policy at all, it's neither ultra-right wing nor right-wing, we are neither a story from the left nor right, we are a people's story, of honest people who are trying to create a certain policy of their own," says Dveri's leadership member Branimir Nešić.

Nešić said the movement was not opposed to the European Union or the gay population, and that they would accept only the laws that suit Serbia, that would come from Brussels.

"We are not against the LGBT population," he continued, adding that "nobody should promote their sexual orientation by supporting the law against discrimination".

"Nobody should be sacked from work or be harassed for being gay or lesbian. We believe that there is no need to hold a gay parade, that their problem won't be solved in that way, it will only increase homophobia," said Nešić.

Some analysts say that Dveri's participation in elections will additionally endanger the DSS and the Radicals. Faculty of Political Science Professor Slaviša Orlović says these parties were already abandoned by many voters and that new movements could influence the hard nucleus loyal to Koštunica and Šešelj.

"A considerable number of voters in Serbia is choosing the European path, I thing the SPC is also reforming and won't enter the arrangement easily, the five percent threshold is difficult for established parties as well who have better infrastructure than the new ones, they can see a chance for cooperation primarily with the DSS and the SRS," - Orlović was quoted as saying,

Experts appraise that the citizens of Serbia are saturated with big nationalist projects and ideas.


EULEX not pressuring Serbs, says PM

Serbia’s Prime Minister Mirko Cvetković has stated that today’s EULEX operation should not be seen as pressure on Serbs.

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