K. Albanians "trying to finalize ethnic cleansing"

The Kosovo Ministry will urgently inform the EU mission in Kosovo, EULEX, about the cases of "Albanization and assimilation of Serbs", says Goran Bogdanović.

Source: Politika, Tanjug

The minister for Kosovo stated on Thursday that this will come along with a request for the practice "to end immediately".

"The representatives of the international community in Kosovo cannot ignore what is happening to Serbs, and not only to Serbs but also to other peoples and ethnic groups," Bogdanović.

His comments refer to frequent changes of the personal data in Kosovo IDs issued for Serbs, which they required so as to realize their right to pension allowance.

"It is unacceptable for the names of Serbs to be Albanized in the documents issued by Priština, and that their Serb nationality be changed into 'Kosovar'," Bogdanović stated for the Belgrade-based daily Politika.

He added that this wasyet another indicator that the Kosovo Albanian authorities were using all methods to gradually assimilate those Serbs in Kosovo that they had not managed to drive out of their homes - "and thus bring ethnic cleansing to an end".

Bogdanović said that recent attempts to re-designate Serb monasteries and cultural heritage as "Kosovo's heritage" was an obvious example of how Priština was trying to "Albanize" Serbian history and culture, falsify facts and presents someone else's cultural identity as their own.

"Such moves demonstrate how much Priština cares about a multi-ethnic society, but also bring harm to the dialogue (between Belgrade and Priština) and the agreement that has been reached," Bogdanović stressed.


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