Minister denies discussing Port of Belgrade sale

Serbia’s Infrastructure Minister Milutin Mrkonjić told B92 that a meeting with businessman Milan Beko yesterday was not about the sale of the Port of Belgrade.

Source: B92

He added that they had discussed its work instead.

Mrkonjić said that there had been talks with the Port of Belgrade for the previous three or four months about the port’s work.

“We did an inspection at (Anti-Corruption Council President) Verica Barać’s initiative and saw what and how the Port of Belgrade did. We have informed the Port about what was wrong in its work and that was the topic of our conversation,“ he explained.

The minister stressed that a commission had been formed which had determined that “the port’s capacities are not being fully used for the Port’s needs.”

“That’s why we talked about renting the port facilities to our artists, which is a very positive activity, nothing else. And we have noted it and agreed with the port management and I think that it is all right now,” he said, not wanting to reveal any other details from the meeting with Beko.

Mrkonjić added that he was not competent to discuss the sale of the Port of Belgrade.

“My interest, goal and obligation is to make sure that the port capacities that are important for the state work and that was the topic of our talks. There was no discussion about the sale or purchase of the Port with Mr. Beko and I am not competent for those things, by the way,” he pointed out.

The infrastructure minister added that he had recently visited two more ports that were important for the country, in Apatin and Novi Sad, in order to see the conditions they were working in.


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