“Europeanization represents comprehensive process”

Serbian government’s European Integration Office Director Milica Delević has stated that Serbia has so far fulfilled many recommendations from the Action plan.

Source: B92

According to her, the European Integration Office should inform the government about it tomorrow.

Delević told B92 that administrative capacity was also important in the Europeanization process, meaning the speed of decision making and the way the laws were implemented, political will and citizens’ readiness to change.

She repeated that there had been 96 recommendations in the Action plan, that many appointments had been done in the meantime and that a large number of laws was being prepared, including long-awaited laws on energy and railways.

“Important laws on financing of political parties and changes to the law on the election of MPs have been passed and it still remains to adopt the laws on restitution and public property that we have high expectations from,” the European Integration Office director stressed.

According to her, the report that her office should submit to the government tomorrow refers to the year’s second trimester.

She has assessed that the process of accepting Serbia’s conditions on the EU pathway is underway, that Serbia is slowly fulfilling them and that the “situation is much different” after the arrest of Hague indictee Ratko Mladić.

Delević said that the European Commission (EC) appreciated the things that had been done, the way they had been done and what was left to do and that it would give its opinion on Serbia’s readiness to get the EU candidate status on October 12.

She pointed out that there was no agreement in the EU on whether Kosovo was a state or not and that it was more important to pay attention to what the EU agreed on until it decided on Kosovo.

“Full consent of all EU member states that Kosovo should participate in the regional cooperation process exists and that the entire region should participate in the European integration process,” Delević stressed.

She believes that a crisis in Greece represents a challenge both for the EU and Greece and that it will show how solidarity works in the EU member states in challenging situations.

Commenting on announcements that Croatia could join the EU in 2013, Delević said that it would be better for other countries of the region if more countries joined the EU and that the goal of the stabilization and association process was to get the countries into the EU.


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