Greek parliament ratifies Serbia's SAA with EU

The Greek parliament has ratified Serbia's Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) with the European Union, the Greek embassy in Belgrade announced today.

Source: Tanjug

Greek Ambassador to Serbia Dimostenis Stoidis pointed out that the ratification is a practical expression of the commitment with which Greece has supported Serbia's EU membership, as part of its Agenda 2014 initiative, designed to accelerate the European integration of the countries in the Western Balkans.

Greece will continue to cooperate with the Serbian government on the realization of this goal, to the benefit of stability in the region and the historically friendly relations and cooperation between the people of the two countries, Stoidis noted.

Greece ratified the SAA at a plenary session on January 26.

It is the 12th country to the agreement. Spain was the first to do so - on June 21, 2010, the European Parliament ratified the document ten days ago, Germany is expected to ratify it in February, and France by the end of April.

The SAA between Serbia and the EU was signed in the spring of 2008.


Final results of Kosovo elections

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