SNS: PM’s statement hypocritical

The Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) says that PM's statement that teachers’ requests would jeopardize economic stability is a “pinnacle of hypocrisy”.

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SNS official Marko Đurić said that Prime Minister Mirko Cvetković’s statement was hypocritical because the ruling parties “embezzle more than a billion of euros” a year through public procurement.

The teachers’ unions have suspended classes, demanding increase in salaries.

“Rally will be peaceful”

“Serbia needs political changes and to stop borrowing money,” the SNS official pointed out and called upon the citizens to come to the protest rally in Belgrade on February 5.

He explained that the SNS would “do everything to hold the rally in a peaceful and democratic atmosphere”, but he stressed that police bore the biggest responsibility for the safety.

“The SNS will speak to representatives of the Serbian police (MUP) on an operative level so people and property would not be jeopardized,” Đurić pointed out.

When asked whether SNS leader Tomislav Nikolić would meet with Police Director Milorad Veljović, he said that he would but could not say exactly when.

The SNS officials have announced earlier that they will not accept Interior Minister Ivica Dačić's invitation to discuss security at the rally and that they will speak to Veljović instead.


PM delivers answers to EC's questionnaire

Prime Minister Mirko Cvetković has delivered the answers Serbia made to the questionnaire of the European Commission (EC) today in Brussels.

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"Kosovo messy affair, run by criminals"

Former Dutch State Secretary for European Affairs Frans Timmermans warned the U.S. in late 2007 that Kosovo was "run by people who live off crime".

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