Thaci: Report putting dialogue at risk

Kosovo Albanian PM Hashim Thaci told B92 that Council of Europe Rapporteur Dick Marty’s report linking him to human organ trade was not true.

Source: B92

He stressed that the report represented an attack on the upcoming dialogue between Belgrade and Priština.

Thaci also said that Marty, during his visit to Priština, had not had a meeting with him.

“We did not meet because he did not request the meeting. If he had requested the meeting I would have met with him,” Thaci explained.

He also pointed out that the CoE investigator’s report was not true, that it represented a fabrication and that it did not contain any facts.

He assessed that the report was racist and that it reminded him of Nazi Germany’s Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels.

“The report represents an attack on Kosovo’s reputation. It is directed against Kosovo, the Albanian people and me, but also against the U.S., UN and NATO,” Thaci said.

He also pointed out that "no country in the region had such a strong international presence like Kosovo" and that the case Marty had been investigating had already been investigated three times by the international institutions.

“These circumstances have already been investigated three times: by the Hague Tribunal, UNMIK and EULEX. I have confidence in the judicial system. These fabrications and imputations will go by the board,” the Kosovo PM stressed.

Thaci also said that Marty’s report was putting the dialogue between Belgrade and Priština at risk.

“I have expressed readiness to meet President Tadić in order to, as two most legitimate leaders of our countries, Kosovo and Serbia, end the century-long conflict and open up a new chapter between the states,” he said.

The Kosovo PM pointed out that the report would not cause isolation of Kosovo.

“On the contrary, we have excellent relations with the U.S. and the EU,” Thaci concluded.


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