PM: 2011 will be better

EU accession will be foreign policy priority next year, which will be better than this one, Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetković told B92.

Source: B92

He added that 2011 would still be a difficult year and that everybody needed to work harder, which would bring better results.

According to the PM, the EU accession will remain the government’s top priority. He also expressed hope that this government would finish its term with the EU candidate status.

Cvetković says that the numbers prove that the economic situation in 2010 has improved and that citizens will feel the improvement in 2011.

“Of course, I think that we still have a difficult year ahead of us because we need to start development based on higher savings and more investments and not based on high spending. So it will be necessary to work harder and this will then give better results,” he stressed.

The government also promises to control the inflation rate in cooperation with the National Bank of Serbia (NBS).

The PM expects stabilization of inflation in the second half of 2011. He also points out that the government did not increase prices of electricity in 2010 bearing in mind citizens’ standard of living, but that it will have to increase the price next year.

“We have to change the electricity prices. Of course this change will have to be balanced, because due to social responsibility we have to be careful that it does not threaten the population, especially the lowest layers of society,” Cvetković said.

He promises that the government will not “waste” the money from the privatization of Telekom Srbija.

The PM also added that the EU integration would remain the government’s top foreign policy priority.

“I would like this government to complete the EU integration with the candidate status, plus to get a date for the beginning of negotiations. That would be a grand improvement practically from scratch to the last step for the EU accession,” he stressed.

He rejected accusations that he did not have enough authority and added that he made his own decisions but that it was natural to consult the president about important state issues.


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