Radical ethnic Albanian leader arrested

Self-Determination Movement leader Albin Kurti was arrested at the movement’s headquarters in Priština, according to Kosovo police, KPS.

Source: Beta, Tanjug

Kurti will be on trial for the organization's protests organized on February 10, 2007 in Priština, in which two protesters were killed and 80 people were injured after UNMIK forces intervened in the protest.

Kurti is accused of organizing the protest that later turned into a violent affair.

"Arrest politically motivated"

Media and opposition parties in Kosovo said that the arrest of Kurti was motivated by political reasons.

They also stated that police used force in arresting him.

Kurti and five other members of the Self-Determination were arrested.

“The decision for Self-determination to begin working on the political scene scared the current political class in Kosovo, which is trying to thwart the movement in these intentions,” Cohu non-governmental organization leader Avni Zogjani told daily Zeri.

Zogjani said that the arrest is related to the announcement of the start of talks between Belgrade and Priština, which Self-Determination stands firmly again.

Opposition Alliance for the Future of Kosovo Vice-President Ahmet Isufi also said that the arrest was politically motivated.

“Instead of arresting the criminals that committed the murders on February 10, 2007, they are arresting those who are not guilty. Kurti’s arrest is related to the fact that his movement announced its participation in the coming elections,” Isufi said.


SNS leader on assassination claims

SNS leader Tomislav Nikolić said that he would not dismiss the possibility that SRS leader Vojislav Šešelj ordered his assassination, daily Politika writes.

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