“Bosnia, Serbia relations have improved”

Bosnia's newly-appointed mbassador to Serbia, Boriša Arnaut, says relations between his country and Serbia are “constantly improving”.

Source: Tanjug

The aim, Arnaut added, was to bring them to an even higher level.

The envoy said that during his diplomatic mission he would try to encourage Bosnian and Serbian citizens, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations, chambers of commerce, cultural figures and other people to bring the mutual cooperation to a higher level.

"Current cooperation is sincere. Good neighborly relations can help us join the EU family much quicker," Arnaut stated.

He said that the declaration on Srebrenica recently adopted by the Serbian parliament represented a step forward on the road of improving relations between the two countries and contributes to regional reconciliation.

Arnaut said that “the Serbian public has a positive opinion regarding the announced visit of Chairman of the Bosnian Presidency Haris Silajdžić to Belgrade”.

"This will be his first visit to Belgrade after nearly 20 years and everybody is waiting for the relations between the two countries to be unblocked in a way," Arnaut said.

Reports said that the visit was postponed earlier this week because Serbia's authorities would not enable Silajdžić to visit convicted Bosnian war criminal Ilija Jurišić in prison in Belgrade. Officially, the reason for was a faulty engine in the Bosnian official's airplane.

“Both sides are looking for free time in their schedules and both sides want it,” Arnaut said of Silajdžić's trip to Serbia. “I think the visit could occur in the coming days, as soon as protocols have been harmonized.”


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