"Visa abolition in 2010," predicts ambassador

German Ambassador to Serbia Wolfram Maas is confident that the visa regime for Serbian citizens traveling to EU countries will be scrapped by the start of 2010.

Source: Beta

“I'm not familiar with the details of the talks between Serbia and the EC on visa liberalization, but as far as we know, they're clearly on the right path. And since my ambassador’s salary is big, it wouldn't be a great risk to bet some of it on visa liberalization for Serbia at the start of 2010,” Maas told journalists at the Germany embassy.

He repeated that, with regards to ratification of the Stabilization and Association agreement between Serbia and the EU, and unfreezing of the Interim Trade Agreement, Belgrade still needed to meet the condition of cooperation with the Hague Tribunal.

The ambassador added that once that happened, Holland would agree to unfreezing the interim agreement between Serbia and the EU.

Maas added that the process of harmonizing Serbian legislation with that of EU, which was already under way, “is not a new condition, with any bad intentions,” but a necessary and good framework for structuring the life of people in Serbia and facilitating their integration into the EU.


Ceku arrives back in Kosovo

Former Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ceku arrived back in Priština today, officials from his party have informed FoNet.

Politics Tuesday, June 30, 2009 15:25 Comments: 20
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