"UK support for EU aspirations"

Following talks with British counterpart David Miliband, Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić says that the UK strongly supports Serbia’s EU path.

Source: FoNet, Beta

“The UK’s view is that it’s time to unfreeze the Interim Trade Agreement,” said Jeremić, reiterating, however, that there was a major divergence of opinion over the issue of Kosovo, which remained as wide as ever.

He added that when it came to the situation in the province, common goals of preserving peace and stability on the ground existed, and that Serbia would cooperate with all international community representatives in this area.

The minister met earlier with the Conservative Party’s Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague and other British officials.

"Serbia on right path"

Serbia is on the “right path” in the EU integration process and is investing every effort in tracking down the 2 remaining Hague fugitives, says FM Vuk Jeremić.

"46 of 48 accused have been arrested to date, and we’re now working with agencies, the government, neighbors, friends and allies to ensure that no more fugitives are at large, and we’ll continue these efforts until the job is done,” Jeremić told the BBC.

The minister said that he thought that only one or two countries remained throughout the world who were not “absolutely convinced that Serbia was investing maximum efforts” in that regard, without naming them.

He said that, because of the EU’s decision-making mechanisms, Serbia was unable to progress further to the EU because of these states.

Asked about the recent footage released of Ratko Mladić and the claims that some parts of it had been filmed recently, Jeremić said that none of it had been newer than 2002, and that the Serbian prosecution had already submitted the material to the Hague Tribunal earlier.

“The Serbian government is making every effort to turn EU membership into a reality for Serbian citizens, and we’ll continue to do that (arrest fugitives) until it’s behind us,” the minister said.

He said that he thought that everyone was already tired of the situation and that people knew that Serbia was doing all it could.

“I hope that that will be realized and correctly assessed so that we can continue the strategic process of integrating the Western Balkans into the EU,” said Jeremić, underlining that it was not only a matter of one country, but of a strategic vision of the Western Balkans integrated into the EU.

With regards to other reforms needed for EU integration, the minister said that he believed that “Serbia is doing a good job,” noting though that that process had been blocked owing to a lack of consensus between the EU 27 to unblock it.

Nonetheless, he stressed that Serbia was “on the right path” and that “a stable course lies ahead” in the process of EU integration, and asked when he expected that to happen, he replied: “I hope that it will be within arm’s reach in a few years’ time.”


Ceku arrives back in Kosovo

Former Kosovo Prime Minister Agim Ceku arrived back in Priština today, officials from his party have informed FoNet.

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