"U.S. wants stability in region"

The United States is aware that Serbia will never recognize Kosovo and wants stability in the region, says a British journalist.

Source: B92

The Economist's Tim Judah told B92 that the situation in Kosovo is additionally burdened by the prejudices that many "in Kosovo and Serbia" have against each other.

He also advised "constant, even if indirect" communication of the two sides as necessary in order to solve the problems.

Judah said that "for now" the U.S. and EU do not expect "Serbia to recognize Kosovo's independence", but added that it was "very difficult to say what will happen in the future".

"I think that message was about this moment. In the future, it is very hard to say what will happen. I think they know it's impossible for President Tadić to recognize an independent Kosovo. In fact, what's behind this message is, "Ok, you won't recognize Kosovo, but please, don't deepen the problem."

"All they want is to maintain stability in the region, they don’t wish to pile up problems any more, they want to secure peaceful coexistence of those people there. Therefore, when Serbia reaches the EU door, and perhaps Kosovo as well, things might change. It could happen now, or in five years," said Judah.


State and its fight against corruption

Transparency Serbia's Nemanja Nanadić says it's "very important" that the fight against corruption has received support of President Boris Tadić.

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