Regional police ministers meet

Interior ministers from Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia met for an unofficial meeting in Sarajevo on Saturday.

Source: B92, Tanjug

They signed a joints statement to strengthen cooperation in the fight against organized crime, reports said.

Although it did not top the agenda, the recent murder of Croatian magazine owner and journalist Ivo Pukanić was discussed, while the ministers concluded that the case proved the need for regional cooperation of their police forces.

Bosnian IM Tarik Sadović confirmed that Republic of Srpska MUP is working successfully with other police agencies in the search for Željko Milovanović, whom Croatia suspects to be the killer.

Serbian IM Ivica Dačić said the meeting yesterday was useful, and called for similar gatherings on higher levels.

He also urged regional police forces to engage in a more intensive cooperation, that would include faster exchange of information.

His Croatian counterpart Tomislav Karamarko said he believed Milovanović would be arrested, and added the Pukanić murder showed that organized crime is not limited by state boundaries, and that many arguments speak in favor of there being a unified mafia regionally.

One of the items in the declaration signed by the ministers is related to constant communication of the high officials from the regional MUPs, who will organize similar meetings twice a year.

In its report from Sarajevo Tanjug quoted Dačić as saying that the ministers agreed to launch a joint appeal to the European Union to "as soon as possible" liberalize the visa regimes for the countries of the western Balkans.


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