Slovakia to recognize Kosovo passports

Slovakia has decided to recognize the new Kosovo passports, with the country’s officials justifying the move on humanitarian grounds.

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Slovakian media report that a new section appeared today on the website of Slovakian Embassy in Belgrade, with instructions for Kosovo passport holders on how to acquire Slovakian visas.

“The step does not increase Kosovo’s legitimacy in international relations, nor does it mean that we have recognized Kosovo,” the head of the Slovakian parliamentary committee on foreign policy Boris Zala told the SITA news agency.

Zala, a senior official of the ruling SMER Party, compared this “humanitarian gesture” with Slovakian support to the EULEX mission.

"Even though we don’t recognize Kosovo’s independence, we support the mission that should help Kosovo function for humanitarian reasons,” Zala said, adding that Slovakia had taken the move on condition of not having to recognize Kosovo independence.

Earlier this year, Slovakian Foreign Minister Jan Kubiš rejected Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiu’s plea for Bratislava to recognize Kosovo’s unilateral independence.

The Slovakian government also said then that Kosovo passports would not be recognized, and that Kosovo citizens could only enter Slovakia with temporary UNMIK passports, though adding that the move would be reconsidered once all UNMIK passports had expired.


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