U.S. expert: Topčider soldiers were murdered

Lawyer Božidar Prelević said that a U.S. expert claims a third party killed the VJ Guards soldiers in the Topčider barracks in 2004.

Source: B92, Beta

Prelević told B92 that this has "completely confirmed" the opinion of the independent commission he led in the case, and added that he hopes that after this expert testimony, there will be no further postponements in the process.

The expert findings will be submitted to the District Public Prosecution for further processing.

Prelević also said in Belgrade on Monday that he is happy that American pathologist Dr. Ljubisa Dragovic, the Oakland County, Michigan, chief medical examiner, finished his research and submitted his findings quickly.

“His findings have completely confirmed the findings and opinions of the independent commission,” Prelević said.

At the time, another commission, set up by the military, found that the two soldiers died in a murder-suicide incident, without the involvement of any other persons.

“In this way, I hope that all the shenanigans surrounding the confirmation of what happened there will end,” Prelević said.

He added that he hopes that the state will now begin an investigation to find out who the killer is, and that the process will no longer be delayed.

Dragan Jakovljević and Dražen Milovanović died on October 5, 2004 while on guard duty at the barracks in Topčiderm, Belgrade.

After an FBI investigation failed to determine whether the soldiers were murdered, it was decided several months ago that the case would be sent to a forensics specialist to give the final opinion on the deaths.

The FBI referred the case in a regular procedure to an MI from their official list.

Dr. Dragović was given the case in May of this year. His findings will officially be submitted to the Public Prosecutor in Belgrade.


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