SRS search for new sec.-gen.

President of the SRS’s Belgrade board Nemanja Šarović says he definitely won’t be the party’s new secretary-general.

Source: Beta

Šarović added that there were a number of candidates for this post.

“The decision as to the identity of the Serb Radical Party’s (SRS) new secretary-general will be taken by the Central Homeland Administration in line with the party statute,“ he told journalists outside parliament.

Šarović will, however, replace Aleksandar Vučić as SRS whip in the Belgrade assembly, after Vučić tendered his resignation from the party yesterday. Šarović had not previously been a councilor in the Belgrade assembly.

Asked by reporters whether anyone in the SRS councilor group had supported Tomislav Nikolić and Vučić, he replied that the councilor group had remain completely united, as had the entire SRS Belgrade board.

“The Belgrade board is united in its support for Vojislav Šešelj and the SRS’s policy thus far,“ said Šarović.

As regards Vučić’s resignation, the SRS official said that this had been a personal decision, and that time would tell whether it had been the right one.

According to him, the SRS would be showing a new face in the coming period, “young, intelligent people and educated experts who have thus far not had much space, but who will now play a big role in our work.“


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