DSS: No official invitation from Radicals

A spokesman for the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS) commented on yesterday's statement by SRS leader Tomislav Nikolić.

Source: Beta

No official invitation to forge a coalition for the next elections arrived from the Radicals (SRS), Andreja Mladenović told reporters in Belgrade on Sunday.

"There is an agreement in principle that opposition representatives should talk about action in parliament ahead of its session," he explained.

The DSS spokesman said that these talks are set to continue in the next days and that "cooperation with other opposition parties is necessary when it comes to work in parliament".

"We are trying to achieve results as part of this cooperation in order to as soon as possible expose how this coalition of Čanak, Tadić, Dačić, Krkobabić was made… and how much damage it is inflicting on the citizens of Serbia," Mladenović said.


"Serbian ICJ plan makes sense"

Professor Tibor Varadi says Serbia’s initiative to ask the ICJ for its opinion on Kosovo’s independence makes sense.

Politics Saturday, August 30, 2008 15:20 Comments: 2
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