"Little change in U.S. policy expected"

A U.S. expert says there'll be few changes in U.S. policy towards Serbia and the Balkans, whoever wins the U.S. election.

Source: VOA, Tanjug

"When it comes to the Balkans and Serbia, you will most probably have the same scenario—there will be no backing down from Kosovo’s independence, the extradition of [Ratko] Mladić to the Hague Tribunal will be insisted upon, while, at the same time, a willingness and desire will be expressed for Serbia to become a member of the EU and NATO,” says Steven Meyer.

The professor of political science at the National Defense University told Voice of America that the list of foreign policy advisers to both Democratic candidate Barack Obama and Republican counterpart John McCain contained senior advisors and political experts that had been active in Washington for years.

"In a way, this could be a step backwards, because perhaps there won’t be many new ideas or creativity,” Meyer said.

He advised Serbia to focus on its own interests, which does not mean that it should have bad relations with the West and Washington, but rather have “normal relations, while at a same time building its own international influence.”


"Serbian ICJ plan makes sense"

Professor Tibor Varadi says Serbia’s initiative to ask the ICJ for its opinion on Kosovo’s independence makes sense.

Politics Saturday, August 30, 2008 15:20 Comments: 2
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